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Meet Loryann

Hello there and welcome to Alchemy Esthetics! I'm your esthetician, Loryann. 

I began my esthetics journey in 2007 attending the Aveda Institute. I was drawn specifically to Aveda because of their holistic approach to beauty & wellness, their humanitarian & sustainability efforts, as well as their commitment to clean ingredients. After obtaining my license I worked in a boutique hotel spa followed by a casino resort spa. While I enjoyed my time there and gained valuable experience I felt something was missing. I wanted a more fulfilling connection with my clients and so I transitioned to a local salon & spa where I really found my passion. I found a deeper relationship with my clients and was able to truly understand their skin goals, how their skin reacted to certain processes & ingredients, and track their improvement over time. 

In 2013 I ventured out on my own, building Alchemy Esthetics, and haven't looked back since. I focus on supporting & enhancing the skin's natural healing abilities, relaxing the body, and calming the mind. My ultimate goal is to have you love not only your skin, but your overall experience during our time together.  


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