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All Facials are priced as such unless otherwise stated.
60 min, $150
90  min, $200


Alchemy Signature 

150 mins  $250

This REIKI GEMSTONE treatment uses reiki healing for full body energy balancing, gemstones for chakra balancing, and a facial to amplify your natural glow. Gemstones to clear, calm or energize chakras will be placed on the body at the beginning of the treatment and will rest there through the service while the facial gemstone grid and reiki will be mindfully incorporated throughout. This service is for body, mind and spirit and will leave you feeling centered, grounded and overall blissful.


In this BIODYNAMIC soothing anti-aging facial all products are Demeter Certified meaning grown according to the lunar cycles. This is as organic & ecofriendly as it gets! All the organic botanicals in this facial are Demeter Certified which means they are grown based on astrological cycles and are as ecofriendly as you can get. While the products are gentle, the meticulous growth method ensures the highest level of potency and efficacy for your skincare treatment.


Short & Sweet 

30 mins  $75

A perfect little pick me up for the skin. Also a wonderful choice as an introduction to facials, for someone on a time crunch, as an addition to a body treatment, or if you just can't sit still that long!


This CUSTOM facial is tailored to your skins specific needs from start to finish. Whatever your concerns are we will target, treat and refine them leaving your skin feeling refreshed and pampered.


This VITAMIN C+E facial is a dose of immunity and anti-aging in one to combat environmental damage. Vitamin C is high in antioxidants to reverse the signs of aging, fight free radicals preventing future damage, and skin plumping. Vitamin E helps barrier function, heal wounds/scars and deeply nourishes the skin. A perfect facial to heal & shield against the elements year round!

+ Seasonal products - Spring/Summer (Citrus) Fall/Winter (Blueberry)

Fire & Ice   

This ORGANIC MICRODERMABRASION facial pairs a combination of tingly fruit acids for exfoliation, warming paprika to increase circulation, and a chilled masque to further stimulate your cells & tissues. Your skin is left glowing, detoxified and firmed.

Golden Milk

An ENERGIZING facial. Combining the warming power of zeolite crystals, the amplifying boost of citrine crystals, and the lightening power of turmeric with coconuts nourishing essentially fatty acids and PH balancing for skin that is left invigorated, toned, and deeply moisturized. 


Rose Gold   

A beautiful synergy of nourishing aromatic rose products, an energy charged ROSE QUARTZ ROLLER, and anti-aging gold. The roller is used for lymphatic drainage and to lift & contour the facial muscles. Fine lines are smoothed, skin is toned, and you're left with a dewy radiance.


The KANSA WAND is utilized in this Ayurvedic inspired treatment. The domed bronze end, also referred to as the "healing metal", is the best at conducting electromagnetic energy that matches your own natural current. Increased energy stimulates circulation, tightens muscle tone and gliding through meridian points revitalizes life force for a full body effect.


This treatment utilizes FACIAL CUPPING for lymphatic drainage to detoxify & move stagnant blood flow and later reintroduced for wrinkle reduction, muscle tension release, skin plumping, and overall tone. 


Based on TCM, this GUA SHA facial combines mindful technique and the healing properties of Nephrite Jade to promote the flow of “qi” (energy) and circulation as well as relax the nervous system. Skin tone and elasticity are improved while muscle tension and wrinkles are reduced. Skin is left refreshed, sculpted and vibrant.


*These treatments can be done as one time services with great results, however more permanent results are achieved through a series.


1 $150 / 3 $435 / 6 $840 / 12 $1620

MICROCURRENT is a workout for your facial muscles and can be considered a one hour facelift. This treatment uses electric current, that mimics your own natural flow, to retrain muscles, restore cellular function, and increase circulation. It's not all work though, this treatment produces a full body sub-sensory relaxation so don't be surprised if you fall asleep! Much like going to the gym, this service is best done in a series no more than 1 week apart.


1 $150 / 3 $435 / 6 $840

A NANO-INFUSION treatment creates micro-channels in the skin to allow better product penetration & utilization of active ingredients, stimulates collagen & elastin, and increases circulation. Skin is visibly improved with reduction of fine lines/wrinkles, more even tone/texture and a bright natural glow.


While active and highly results driven, these treatments don't require any downtime and are a great option before an indoor event, and can be done every 7-10 days.


60 mins $150

In search of a photofinished look? Antioxidant-rich mangosteen "super fruit" and Lactic Acid Complex make this peel a deep cleansing facial that gently resurfaces your complexion, minimizes pores, refines skin tone and increases vitality, delivering visibly radiant results.


60 mins $150

This Salicylic Acid Peel is like no other and treats acne naturally specifically addressing acne conditions such as excess oil, hyperpigmentation and scarring. Potent time-release encapsulated salicylic acid deeply penetrates pores to dissolve excess build up, deep clean and prevent future congestion.


60 mins $150

This advanced resurfacing treatment utilizes potent and rare berries from the Arctic for deep exfoliation and botanical peptide infusion to target blemishes, uneven skin and fine lines to reveal a new level of luminosity to your skin.


60 mins $150

This powerhouse treatment combines natural enzymes of pumpkin & yam, fruit & plant acids, and antioxidants to lighten pigmentation, resurface texture, and create youthful looking skin. 

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