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woman ready for a facial treatment


All facial treatments have a structure, however, I do take into account your individual skin needs and will customize your experience accordingly. I proudly use Eminence Organics skin care line to deliver outstanding results without any harsh chemicals. The synergy of a heated bed, tranquil music, aromatic steam towels, superior skincare and relaxing facial massage will leave you feeling completely blissful.

Bath Accessories

Body Treatments

Body treatments are a really lovely way to keep your skin healthy from head to toe.  A back-cial is the way to go to treat a breakout or prep for that open back dress.  A wrap is a great way detoxify your system & contour your body, and last but certainly not least, a full body exfoliation will leave your skin smooth & moisturized.  There is no better way than this to treat yourself completely mind, body and soul.

Wax Removal


Waxing is done with the utmost attention to detail. I proudly use the highest quality & cleanly formulated waxes to ensure the most gentle and effective hair removal service possible. Soft wax (strip) is used on larger areas of the body and requires hair to be at least 1/4 in long for removal. Hard wax is used for smaller more delicate areas and requires hair to be at least 1/8 in long for removal.

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